About Us

Unotek Food Industry & Trade Ltd. Co. has been established by family members, who have been carrying out BREAD and PASTRY as a profession for the last six generations. Being active in the sector since 1953, the Company had served to its valuable customers by bread and pastry for long years and then it also started to manufacture food machinery.
The primary objective of Unotek Food Industry & Trade Ltd. Co. has been to serve its colleagues by the machinery manufactured with its deep experience in food production technologies. Unotek has successfully completed many important facilities and projects by using the knowledge of years and technological developments in the sector. The Company keeps abreast of all the latest developments in the food sector and uses that technology in its own machinery after realizing and improving them in its own Research and Development Department. For this reason, the Company achieved many Technological Patents for its own manufactured products.
One of the Company’s fundamental principles is to consider the structure and characteristics of the food product to be produced and to manufacture MACHINERY FOR THE FOOD PRODUCT, which is in compliance with CE Standards. Unotek maintains service and assistance coordination by providing training regarding the food production technology in the facilities and the machineries it has manufactured.

With many exported machinery and products to overseas countries, today UNOTEK GIDA prouds of the current situation the Company has reached to. Being a Company that places special emphasis on its Works and profession, it has aspired to always serve in the food sector by offering new solutions with new and high - quality products.